Infinite Grace

Awesome work today athletes! I was impressed by your gains in front squat. Great job doing infinite grace, it’s a very difficult workout considering it builds upon a CrossFit girl benchmark.

Front squat PR

AMRAP (10 min)
30 clean and jerk 135lbs
30 clean and jerk 145lbs
…add 10lbs each additional set of 30

Well done today folks!


Jael the Slayer

Awesome job on the WOD tonight folks! I’m glad to see that everyone is giving 100% during the workout. I think the men made a good self assessment that they all started out too fast. Tina started out at a moderate pace and was able to keep it for the entire workout. This was a tough workout no matter how you slice it. Good effort everyone.


Burpee go Boom!

Awesome job on the burpees over the last couple days! Most athletes had the taste of iron in their mouth during and/or after the workout, which is not a bad thing. If you tasted iron, you are pushing your body and your heart is working hard to keep up or you’re experiencing mild pulmonary edema. This is common among athletes. If it gets to the point where there is visible blood, you have excessively impaired the integrity of the pulmonary blood gas barrier in your lungs, which is also common in elite athletes during strenuous exercise. Tasting iron is very common and indicates that you are pushing yourself beyond your normal need for oxygen. Like I said, amazing effort everyone! This workout is not one that we will repeat monthly, so not to worry!


100 Burpees for time

Paul and Steve lead the charge on this one.



Great WOD yesterday folks.  Good to see all of the effort displayed by the athletes and the cheering on by the folks who finished early.  That’s what we’re all about here and that’s what makes CrossFit a fun environment.  Just remember that your workouts are burning 3 to 4 times more calories than the average workout done by most Americans.  Keep up the good work and keep conditioning your body to work in the Glycolytic range of metabolic conditioning!



4 rounds

15 Thrusters (95/65)

10 GHD sit ups

10 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

3 18ft shuttle run (down and back)

Awesome work guys!



Alright ladies and gents, Greg and Paul wanted their names written in RED this morning to point out how they destroyed the workout! It looks like we all have some work to do in order to catch them. Great job on the workout everyone. It’s exciting to see the hard work is paying off!


3 rounds
20 wall ball shots (20/14)
10 dead lift (225/185)
10 burpees

Really cool to see the times here. Everyone has grown quite a bit-



Great workout today guys!  I had a blast seeing the 8 new athletes walk into the gym today.  We had to split the workout up into 2 groups, but everybody did awesome and put their best effort out there.  For those not accustomed to CrossFit, make sure you hydrate, stretch and do the best thing for muscle soarness: workout again:)  Please don’t forget to put September 13th 6pm on your calendars for the FREE Brat Fry and Beer night for anyone who wants to come.  We’ll do a couple demos and just have a good ole time.  I don’t encourage eating Brats and Beer in your diet, but once a season doesn’t hurt.  If you want to come, please plop your name on the whiteboard under the announcement so we can make sure to have enough beer and brats.



overhead squat


5 rounds (15 min cap)

10 thrusters

9 pull-ups

400m Run

No one finished before the 15 min cap, but we put the cap on because of the 2 groups… I think everone can attest that 15minutes of that workout was a great workout.  We hope to see everybody back soon!


Back to Work

Well, I’m not surprised that there were a few “truant” athletes today…  Your kindergarten teachers would be a bit upset…  Let’s get back into it and keep fighting off sedentary life.  We all need to be engaged in order to reverse the decrepitude.  The athletes today finished the workout with heart and the ones that needed a little help with the squat form because of the knees used a medicine ball as a sitting platform.  It worked great to repair the sore knees.  Come on out and get back to you fittest self.



4 rounds

3 muscle ups

15 back squats (135#/95#)

10 Hip Extension

Keep working on those muscle ups.  They will come, it just takes practice and diligence.



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